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What to binge watch over break

Whether you are a student relaxing after exams, a professor done with grading, or just someone with time off for the holidays, the end of the year can be a great time for binge watching television. Here’s some recommendations from … Continue reading

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The Liberal Arts—Present, Past, and Future

by Will Katerberg. The liberal arts and their fate are a central issue in higher education today. Pundits and politicians, and some parents, students, and graduates, are questioning the value of a university degree, some of them saying that students … Continue reading

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What’s in a Picture?

I sometimes use this image of “Geronimo in a Cadillac” in my history courses. It appears to be a relic from a racist time gone by. But it’s more than that. The photograph was taken in 1905 at the “Oklahoma’s … Continue reading

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