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Czesław Miłosz’s Century

by Bruce Berglund. While visiting a friend’s house recently, I noticed a new copy of Czesław Miłosz’s Collected Poems on his shelf. With my friend out of the room, I snuck the book down and turned to my favorite poems … Continue reading

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November 1989: Moments that Change Your Life

by Bruce Berglund. Most of us remember exactly where we were when we first heard reports of certain historical events. My grandparents remembered where they were on the Sunday of December 7, 1941, while for my parents’ generation the crushing … Continue reading

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The Presence of the Past in Eastern Europe

by Hailey De Jong. Eva Kiss, our Hungarian professor of Communist history, yanked down the screen in front of the classroom and projected old film footage of the violent, anti-Communist revolution in Timișoara, a large city in western Romania. It … Continue reading

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