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Why Your Denomination is Segregated (Podcast)

Podcast on Christianity Today. Whites and blacks worshiped together in colonial America? What happened? Eric Washington joined Christianity Today assistant editor Morgan Lee and editor-in-chief Mark Galli on the podcast “Quick to Listen” to discuss the Great Awakening’s impact on African … Continue reading

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Book Note: Bad Religion by Ross Douthat

by Dan Miller. In the current (and seemingly eternal) political season in the United States, it can be hard to gain perspective on how we got to be such a deeply divided nation. It’s also hard to discern just how … Continue reading

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Public Virtue

by Jim Bratt. This post originally appeared in The Twelve: Reformed Done Daily on March 12, 2016. The course had come around to the question of religion and the American founding, again. This topic I have taken up a hundred times in various … Continue reading

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