John Bernbaum: Why Did Putin Invade Ukraine & Why Should Christians Care? (video recording)

Is it possible to know why Putin decided to attack Ukraine in February 2022 and what he is hoping to achieve? Can Ukraine survive this attack from its much larger northern neighbor? And how should followers of Jesus understand the dynamics of this war and what should our response be? Join us for a talk by Russian history specialist and visiting scholar Dr. John Bernbaum.

Bruce Berglund: Understanding Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine (video recording)

Why has Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine? In justifying the attack, the Russian president cited the history of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union, as well as recent political events in Ukraine. A historian of the region helps us understand Putin's view of the post-Soviet world and how he pushed Russia into war.

News Brief: What’s Happening in Ukraine?

by Bruce Berglund Just the other day, a student in my world history course called out before the start of class: “Hey, do you know anything about this Ukraine business?” He got a lot more than he probably expected. Just over a decade ago, when I was assistant director of the University of Kansas’ Center …

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