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“Betrayed by History?” Book Review of Judas by Amos Oz

by Bert de Vries. It is 70 years since the state of Israel was born out of the first Arab-Israeli War under the leadership of the much-revered founding father, David Ben Gurion. Thinking Israelis must wonder how political life degenerated … Continue reading

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Thinking About History as a Christian: Jay Green’s Outstanding Work

by Ron Wells. I am a member of the founding generation of the Conference on Faith and History (CFH). It was exciting when, as a very junior scholar, I was able to be present when the CFH was launched. Back … Continue reading

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Book Note: A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

by Dan Miller. The roots of the anti-establishment mood that was so visible this year in the US presidential primaries and the Brexit vote in the UK are no doubt many and complex. But a key element is surely the … Continue reading

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