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Reflections on the recent elections in the United States

by Dan Miller (November 10, 2016) In the wake of Tuesday’s election, I find myself surprisingly exhilarated. It’s not that I wasn’t deeply disappointed in the outcome. Not only did we elect as our next President a man who appears … Continue reading

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More Historical Rhymes and Dissonances

by Bob Schoone-Jongen. The headlines are telling me our next president will be either the shape-shifting incarnation of Satan or a Mussolini from Queens. Boys and girls, can you spell, “Apocalypse of St. John?” My options: stockpile freeze-dried food in … Continue reading

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Public Virtue

by Jim Bratt. This post originally appeared in The Twelve: Reformed Done Daily on March 12, 2016. The course had come around to the question of religion and the American founding, again. This topic I have taken up a hundred times in various … Continue reading

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