The Liberal Arts—Present, Past, and Future

by Will Katerberg. The liberal arts and their fate are a central issue in higher education today. Pundits and politicians, and some parents, students, and graduates, are questioning the value of a university degree, some of them saying that students and taxpayers should not waste money on “useless” areas of study. Students seem to be …

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Job Training Isn’t Enough (Neither Is Critical Thinking)

by Will Katerberg. The battle for hearts and minds—and dollars—in higher education today often comes down to job training versus critical thinking. It sometimes is hard for advocates of becoming an artist or studying philosophy to even get a hearing. When they say that students should do what they love or argue that cultural life …

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A circle featuring symbols of several religions surrounding a peace dove.

Principled Pluralism and Interreligious Dialogue

by Frans van Liere. Last Thursday, April 25, Calvin College hosted “Principled Pluralism: Navigating America’s Increasingly Diverse Religious Landscape”, a panel discussion on religious pluralism on college campuses, with Joseph DeMott moderating a discussion among Calvin’s president Michael LeRoy, Calvin Theological Seminary president Jul Medenblik, and Alec Hill, the president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. The …

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