Northern Ireland’s Fragile Peace

by Kate van Liere This past Easter season witnessed many tragic outbursts of sectarian hatred around the globe, from slaughter of Sri Lankan Christians on Easter Sunday to the Passover shooting at a San Diego synagogue by a Christian white supremacist two days later. In Ireland—where my husband Frans and I spent ten days of …

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celtic cross against a cloudy sky with coast in the distance

A Historian Visits Scotland, Part 2

by Dan Miller. The first installment of my journal focused on the lovely countryside of Scotland. We also encountered lots of historic sites, and I will write a little bit about those here. In the isles of Orkney we saw a burial tomb and standing stone rings that are more than 4000 years old. Not far away …

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Travel Reflection: A Historian Visits Scotland

by Dan Miller. My wife and I just got back from spending two weeks driving around the highlands of Scotland and the experience has left me with several powerful impressions. My first impression is that Scotland has refused to submit fully to the demands of the automobile. While its roads are very well maintained, they …

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