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History in Action

by Amanda Armour Greenhoe (Excerpt from an article in the Fall 2015 edition of Spark) You’re surfing the internet when you find an article on the Italian Grand Prix, a tale of fast cars at dangerously fast speeds. This story of … Continue reading

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To Teach Is To Learn

by Bob Schoone-Jongen. This address was written for and presented at the Calvin College Teacher Commissioning Ceremony on May 22, 2015. You can watch the ceremony online; Bob Schoone-Jongen’s address begins at about 40:30. At the risk of jumping the … Continue reading

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What My Students (and I) Learned This Semester

by Will Katerberg Prior to this class, history courses annoyed me because I always thought, ‘History is history, it happened and it’s over with, that’s that.’ This is true: history is in the past and you can’t change the past. … Continue reading

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