Scriptural Reasoning, Medieval Style: Interfaith Dialogue in Twelfth-Century Paris (video recording)

Frans van Liere
“Scriptural Reasoning, Medieval Style: Interfaith Dialogue in Twelfth-Century Paris” (Talk by Prof. Frans van Liere, Calvin University, February 16, 2022)

Calvin History Colloquium featuring Professor Frans van Liere

Andrew of Saint Victor’s commentary on Isaiah caused a scandal almost as soon as it was written, around 1150. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Andrew often spurned the Christian meaning of the text, in favor of interpretation he found in contemporary Jewish commentators. In this text, we can see him grapple with faith traditions other than his own, and come to sometimes surprisingly new insights, in dialogue with the rabbis of the Jewish community in Paris. In Andrew’s commentaries, we hear a voice that stands in stark contrast to our common image of the medieval world as dominated by Crusades and religious persecution.

About the Speaker

Frans van Liere is professor of history and director of the Classical and Medieval Studies program at Calvin University. He teaches world history, medieval history, and history of the book. He grew up in the Netherlands and studied theology and medieval studies at the University of Groningen. His research interests are medieval biblical exegesis, twelfth-century intellectual history, and the late medieval papacy. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife, two sons, and two cats named Pippa and Emma.

This event is sponsored by the Historical Studies department and is part of our history colloquia series. These lectures are open to the Calvin community – students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends – and all are welcome to attend. Check out our YouTube channel for more recordings of past events!

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