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Let Us Now Quote Famous Men

by Jim Bratt. This post originally appeared in The Twelve: Reformed Done Daily on January 15, 2016. Although Martin Luther King’s birthday was actually yesterday, the United States will mark the occasion next Monday. Once more we’ll hear the familiar quotations rehearsed … Continue reading

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ISIS, Terrorism and Refugees: A Teach In

In the days after the terrible news of attacks in Paris and Beirut, members of the history department looked at each other and asked “What can we do?” As we are inundated with stories of terror, violence, and hatred around … Continue reading

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Historical Horizons: 2015 in Blog Posts

Happy new year from the Calvin College History Department! We started this blog two years ago, in January 2014. In our second year of Historical Horizons, we’ve focused more frequently on current events, both on campus, in our nation, and around … Continue reading

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