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Cliven Bundy’s Range War

by Will Katerberg. Historians of the American West sometimes say that the region is like the rest of the United States, “only more so.” Recent news from Nevada has reminded me of this truth. American politics sometimes is crazy, Nevada … Continue reading

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“Strong in Body, Mind, and Spirit”: Purity Movements and Sexual Aggression

by Kristin Du Mez. A disturbing new study by Marquette University sociologist Heather R. Hlavka reports how young women today have “normalized” sexual assault to the point that they are often unable to identify harassment and rape for what they … Continue reading

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Reading, Writing, and Sports Broadcasting

by Doug Howard. Weekend before last I was watching the Tigers game against the Padres. The game was being played in sunny San Diego, and my old Indiana University grad school friend and Tigers fan Bill Wood, who now teaches … Continue reading

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