black and white image of a church archway

Trust and Critical Thinking

by Will Katerberg. Take nothing for granted, I sometimes tell my students. Don’t assume that what a primary source tells you is accurate and true. The author might be a liar or a dupe, have an agenda, or be misinformed. Put the document in context. Check it against other sources. Be skeptical, even suspicious, before …

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Closeup of fingers touching from the Creation of Adam painting in the Sistine Chapel.

Homily on History

by Bob Schoone-Jongen. For the past eleven years I have ended my History 152 classes with a homily on history and this Christian’s view of what it all means. I make no claims as to profundity, but I will lay claim to its sincerity. This is what I believe history teaches: We are debtors: to …

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