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World War I Novels and Memoirs (Part I)

by Jim Bratt. Following up on Bob Schoone-Jongen’s reflections about the outbreak of World War I, I thought I’d pass along mine on some classic memoirs and novels that came out of the war.The following doesn’t pretend to be a … Continue reading

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Book Note: The War that Ended Peace by Margaret MacMillan

by Bob Schoone-Jongen.   “Celebration” does not seem to be the right word for marking the centennial of the Great War.  “Observance” is better, less celebratory.  Maybe solemn should be added to convey the somberness the great tragedy deserves.  At … Continue reading

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Paradox of Power: How the Weak Prevail Against the Strong

by Bert de Vries. Much of my career as historian-archaeologist has been focused on the question of how overpowered populations and culture groups – the conquered, the occupied, the colonized, the enslaved – coped, and how a historian could know … Continue reading

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