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“New” Ancient Texts

by Young Kim. Sometimes I am a bit envious of my colleagues who study more recent history (and by “recent” I mean of the last few hundred years or so).  When they talk about visiting archives chock-full of documents to … Continue reading

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Book Note: A Disposition to Be Rich by Geoffrey Ward

by Bob Schoone-Jongen. I just finished reading A Disposition to Be Rich: How a Small-Town Pastor’s Son Ruined an American President, Brought on a Wall Street Crash, and Made Himself the Best-Hated Man in the United States, a biography with … Continue reading

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Critical History and Sacred Tradition: Introduction

by Will Katerberg. It’s basic to modern historiography to draw a line between “critical history” and other ways of relating to the past, such as heritage, tradition, and memory. Most people don’t make this distinction. History is history. When they … Continue reading

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